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Judith Stull
Judith Stull 4.0

Would I recommend Hero? On time, very friendly, and professional...what bothered me was they only had 2 faucets to show me to replace my kitchen sink faucet...one was $1275.00 the other was a few hundred dollars less but was almost 3 inches taller than ...my previous one, which I did not like. I take fully responsibility for just going with the $1275.00 replacement, I was distracted by the water damage in our laundry room, caused by the leak in the kitchen, and being without a useable sink in the kitchen. A short pipe had to be replaced, as well and 2 new handles at a cost of $260.00 for a total of $1535.00 for a new kitchen faucet. So the answer would be no, I would not recommend Hero, if you are not under duress and have time to shop around I would recommend that.Read More...

michael brown
michael brown 5.0

anita lovelace
anita lovelace 5.0

The Hero Team was wonderful! They kept us informed on everything, and we were able to watch. Their team really know their jobs, and their machine operator was absolutely a perfectionist at his job, from digging to filling. I was impressed.

Dale Reed
Dale Reed 5.0

bryan breen
bryan breen 5.0

Outstanding service. They went above and beyond and gave us a breakdown of all options. There were no surprises and the ability to get everything done in one day was a huge plus. Brandon was knowledgeable having 14 years of experience but he was also ...friendly and patient while we worked over all options. Definitely recommend this service to friends and family.Read More...

Alex Provo
Alex Provo 5.0

Thiago Ganancio
Thiago Ganancio 5.0

Sarah Cannon
Sarah Cannon 5.0

s s
s s 1.0

Horrible service and didn't do the work requested which was a furnace tune up, they were only looking for me to buy a/c and furnace.

Dale Peterson
Dale Peterson 5.0

AJ B 5.0

Eric W.M. White
Eric W.M. White 5.0

Hero is prompt, thorough and the team members great to work with. We're pleased with all the work they have done; sometimes the initial price tag is high, but it is worth it in the long run.

Patrick Devine
Patrick Devine 5.0

Mark Whipple
Mark Whipple 5.0

Nick was knowledgeable and informative about what servicing my main drain involved. He was prompt, professional and I would be happy to have him again! No games on the price!

Mary Campbell
Mary Campbell 5.0

Bob D. came to my home in Maple Grove this morning to check the A/C that was installed by Uptown Plumbing & Heating & Cooling. Bob was very professional, efficient & helpful. I would recommend Uptown Plumbing to my friends & neighbors. Sara S. also was a ...big help today on the phone.Read More...

Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson 5.0

Very satisfied with my interactions with Dylan as well as the people answering phones. They were all professional and timely. Was able to get my water heater checked and repaired within hours of when I called them!

Monica wade
Monica wade 5.0

Ray Sanchez
Ray Sanchez 5.0

Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer 4.0

Inspected and advised on slow drainage from sub lines and main.

Kenny Mosley
Kenny Mosley 5.0

Debra Gilroy
Debra Gilroy 5.0

My technician, Adam, was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He reviewed services rendered and answered all my questions. I have always been happy with Hero Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling and will continue to maintain my business with them.

Jerrald Spencer
Jerrald Spencer 5.0

Great service. Knowledgeable, professional and personable.

Brooke Lea
Brooke Lea 5.0

Zac was great. Very professional, with lots of experience.

Hayden Schmitz
Hayden Schmitz 5.0

Lance Leo
Lance Leo 5.0

John was not only sound in his approach to resolving our issues, but was also exceptional in his customer service. I would highly recommend Hero/John.

Tami Champeau
Tami Champeau 5.0

Dustin was courteous and professional. Appreciated that he took the time to explain the issues and potential solutions. Bid on replacing the water heaters was high. Found comparable product for almost half the cost. Not his issue, though.

Heather Schroeder
Heather Schroeder 4.0

Jean Kidd
Jean Kidd 5.0

Paul was a peach-prompt-fixed the problem and made sure everything else was in order. Loved the text updates and reminders, so convenient. Paul is the man!!

joan locke
joan locke 5.0

Devin Dickel
Devin Dickel 5.0

Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 5.0

Larry of Hero was excellent. Highly recommended!

Nermin 1.0

Replacing Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Control, Multicolorol module .. same one on Amazon cost 91$ Hero charged me 750$ for part that’s bit over priced .. not recommending hero to anyone ..

Jill Rulli
Jill Rulli 5.0

We hired HERO to come in the day after we closed on our new construction home. We knew that ducts can be very dirty with drywall dust etc. We also knew that there was a leak in the system that we needed to address. Zak arrived on time and was wonderful. ...He was incredibly thorough, graciously answered all questions and never made us feel pushed, stupid, or uncomfortable. We look forward to using HERO for all our HVAC needs and will request Zak to do our service calls when possible!Read More...

Amy McEvoy
Amy McEvoy 5.0

Easy to access service and very helpful.

juniorgong13 5.0

Jake went above and beyond what I thought was possible and got our situation fixed in a very short time and after hours! Give the guy a raise, you are lucky to have him as an employee.

Chad Davance
Chad Davance 5.0

John was on time clean and professional. He was very clear about my drain problem and provided good solutions.

Kathryn Francy-Payton
Kathryn Francy-Payton 5.0

Steve was very knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, respectful. I would not hesitate to rely on him. He diagnosed and estimated cost for repairs.

Holly Lipelt
Holly Lipelt 5.0

Nicholas Petrangelo
Nicholas Petrangelo 5.0

I had a great experience with Hero. My service technician Dan L. was fantastic. He was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. He helped me get my hydronic boiler system ready for winter. I will definitely be using Hero in the future because ...of Dan.Read More...

Alan Scott
Alan Scott 5.0

Tammy Bain
Tammy Bain 5.0

Rick Weber did a great jb for us.

Christine Olsen
Christine Olsen 5.0

Very knowledgeable and friendly. He was clear in his communication of what we needed. Highly recommend.

HQ Pitts
HQ Pitts 5.0

Discovered water in our basement near the water softener and main drain. Called HERO regarding the issue and they sent, Dustin, who was AWESOME!!! SO professional, personable and knowledgeable! He found that it wasn't a leak nor an issue with the water ...softener; it was that our main drain was clogged, for which he scheduled the team that deals with that issue to come out and clear the drain. While here he also checked out water pressure and sump pump/battery back-ups. He was extremely thorough, which was very much appreciated! Also, found the cost of the diagnostic VERY reasonable, especially compared to other providers that charge more for doing less! EXTREMELY happy with the service we received by Dustin with HERO! Also, have to rave about the service provided by Nick in the Drains division later that same day as he did a fantastic job cleaning out our main drain with the pro-jet! Like, Dustin, Nick was professional, personable and knowledgeable! Such a GREAT team at HERO! Happy to have discovered this service provider!Read More...

Haile Habte
Haile Habte 5.0

Bill was very professional explained what issues he found and recommended options to To fix them, I very pleased with Bill and hero plumping.

Dave Hintzman
Dave Hintzman 5.0

Rob did a great job in the bid process against 5 other competitors. Installation of our new Slant/Fin boiler was easy and system works great.

Hannah Adams
Hannah Adams 5.0

He was very professional and did a great job!

Miguel Angel Mendez
Miguel Angel Mendez 5.0

Margaret Savage
Margaret Savage 5.0

Tania Genis
Tania Genis 5.0

Albino Duran
Albino Duran 5.0

Dan Rooney
Dan Rooney 5.0

The guys did a fantastic job. Professional, knowledgeable, quick and clean. Couldn't be happier.

Vincent Tannehill
Vincent Tannehill 4.0

John was very professional and informative, explaining everything in detail. He offered a few different options and costs to choose from which was nice when you’re working with a tight budget. We ended up choosing to tackle this drain job ourselves.

Marvel Jordan
Marvel Jordan 5.0

It took awhile to get the serviceman here- three days.

Arne Johansson
Arne Johansson 5.0

Jim did a great job and cleaned up well, work looks great. Highly recommend!

amy skemp
amy skemp 5.0

Brian Mcdermott
Brian Mcdermott 5.0

Classics Cast
Classics Cast 5.0

Great experience with Hero. Friendly service technicians and prompt service from the whole team. Thanks a lot!

Cat Thiher
Cat Thiher 5.0

jeffrey larkin
jeffrey larkin 5.0

Marc Kenville
Marc Kenville 5.0

Dennis McDaniel
Dennis McDaniel 5.0

Kurt Hayden
Kurt Hayden 4.0

Michael Mountain
Michael Mountain 5.0

Yuko Maruyama
Yuko Maruyama 5.0

Connie Marchio
Connie Marchio 5.0

Karen Lynch
Karen Lynch 5.0

Robert is a credit to Hero Plumbing. He was pleasant, knowledgable, efficient, and very easy to work with. He answered my many questions without hesitation. I am looking forward to him returning to do the work we discussed. Thank you!


Karen Ober
Karen Ober 5.0

Very knowledgeable young man. Great help!

John Bartley
John Bartley 5.0

Professional ,fast and efficient . impressive

John McKee
John McKee 5.0

James did a great job. He was professional, trustworthy, and fun. The existing part had a leak and he had a replacement part. He discovered this quickly and had the replacement installed in short order. I am very satisfied.

Randell Balkaran
Randell Balkaran 5.0

Wow! Seamless service and what an awesome dude.

Richard Lindh
Richard Lindh 5.0

We were happy with the service provided today. There was no attempt to promote additional upgrades to our heating system. Previously, that had been a problem.

John West
John West 5.0

Service tech was friendly; explained the issue and my options clearly. Was very patient with yappy dog. Would use Hero again.

Rosalind Batson
Rosalind Batson 5.0

I received same-day service on a clogged drain. Nick was friendly, positive, upbeat, knowledgeable, patient and skillful. My sewer drain was unclogged and Nick explained a lot about pipes in a 70-year old house. He was a breath of fresh ...air...especially after the drain was done.Read More...

Scott Weeklund
Scott Weeklund 5.0

Steffan was awesome. Expensive but doneright

Daniel Jacobson
Daniel Jacobson 5.0

Michelle Sherer
Michelle Sherer 5.0

Matt did a great job, He explained my options and costs. He unclogged my drains and did a great job cleaning up. Thank You!

Phuoc Nguyen
Phuoc Nguyen 5.0

Steffon was of great service. Very friendly and clean. Very eager to help with any issues. Will definitely recommend to anyone.

Teri Cartagena
Teri Cartagena 5.0

Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood 5.0

Liz Renner
Liz Renner 5.0

Tami Brudzinski
Tami Brudzinski 5.0

Ian Craig
Ian Craig 5.0

Ryan was extremely professional and friendly. Showed up on time and provided me with only the service I needed. Thank you Ryan with Hero Plumbing you are the best!

Chris Arnett
Chris Arnett 5.0

Dan J
Dan J 5.0

Alex Kokkinen
Alex Kokkinen 5.0

Jim came over to provide an estimate. He was very professional and answered all my questions.

Adam Andrus
Adam Andrus 5.0

Nick Webb
Nick Webb 5.0

I had Hero replace my furnace and AC this fall. They had the whole job done in one day and now my kid can ask the thermostat to play farting sounds. 10 out of 10, would use again.

Jon Rodgers
Jon Rodgers 5.0

Tammy Israel
Tammy Israel 5.0

Kristin Malone
Kristin Malone 5.0

Mike was great. Super nice, friendly, and professional. Made me feel very comfortable having a stranger in the house during the quarantine. Offered suggestions for how to make my geriatric furnace last a few more seasons.

D Liedahl
D Liedahl 4.0

I had a good experience and appreciated the work of Austin. He located the issue and then explained 3 options for addressing it. I would like to have had a chance to get other quotes for the work but felt a little obligated due to the $69 show up at your ...door fee that Hero charges. Next time I will call around first. Overall I am happy with the work completed and believe the outcome to be appropriate.Read More...

Carol Gustafson
Carol Gustafson 5.0

Beyond fixing leaks and repairing the toilet, Sean identified a problem with black mold and provided a reference to a company to deal with it. He also noticed a problem with the hot water hose to the washing machine that was about burst! We had him ...replaced that which prevented a.big mess from occurring! Sean explained everything and did a final walkthrough of his work. Very friendly too!Read More...

Lindsay Krempely
Lindsay Krempely 5.0

Knowledgeable, went above and beyond to help resolve issue.

Lisbet Mieses
Lisbet Mieses 5.0

joel bredemeier
joel bredemeier 5.0

Bruce Wilde
Bruce Wilde 5.0

We did not need the custom clean, the tech helped us determine that. Fontay gave us a referral that made sense for what was needed. Very professional and courteous!

Kathy Bram
Kathy Bram 4.0

Bill knows is stuff. Very efficient and informative.

Laura Dholsgraf
Laura Dholsgraf 5.0

Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor 5.0

It took 3 tries, but he finally got it right! There was a tiny mistake make during the first visit, which resulted in a new leak and ultimate replacement of the toilet. Mistakes happen, but what was most impressive was how quickly Hero worked to resolve, ...not only the getting the technician right back out, but also calling a restoration company to have them assure there was no additional, non-visible damage. The technician was thorough, on time and efficient when he was here. The mistake was unfortunate and very minor, but the way they handled the entire situation was excellent! Not had such good customer service from any other repair company.Read More...

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