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Laura Madsen
Laura Madsen 5.0

Raabi needs to be commended for his customer service skills. After having a tough morning getting a technician out to my home he called me directly to make good. He’s a huge asset to your company , he truly cares about the customer. Laura M

K Faust
K Faust 1.0

Average price of dryer vent cleaning in the Twin Cities is $100-176 based on Google searches. Dan quoted us over $400 for a straight shot ground level dryer vent cleaning. Save your time and move on to another company unless you want to pay 3-4 times ...other quality companies will charge. I should have read all of Hero’s lowest rated reviews first before calling as they match our experience with them. Dan asked about our heating vents and the price he quoted would have made sense had I agreed to cleaning heating vents as well. Pay attention to the lowest rated reviews. As previously mentioned, our experience matches up with the lowest reviews.Read More...

Joseph Paul
Joseph Paul 5.0
Joan Jensen
Joan Jensen 3.0

Nothing prepares you for the enormity of this repair. Nothing prepares you for the unexpected as you go down the line and it just keeps getting worse. I highly recommend getting 3 quotes. The prices for this repair can vary from $75/ft -$150 for digging ...and for the liner $75/ft -$150. The base prices also vary. Hero Plumbing charges $1665/5’ of trench digging….I’m glad it’s done, but be careful. I feel like I paid double for this job. And they left the garbage in the hole after I asked them multiple times to make sure it was pulled out. Hero also just put the dirt and sand they dug out of my yard to get to the sewer line directly onto my lawn. As you can imagine, when they returned the dirt to the holes my lawn was destroyed. I have watched 5 other jobs on my block get done after my sewer line was replaced. Those companies put down plywood on the clients lawns and when the holes were refilled there was little damage to the lawn that the plywood protected. It’s another story trying to get the spikes that were inserted at the time of the sidewalk replacement. Multiple emails, multiple calls. They came and removed the signs making people aware of these spikes on the new sidewalk, but threw the tape on the ground and left these very dangerous spikes “invisible” when walking in the dark. They also did not repair my cement correctly, they did not replace my last step that was broken but made it all flat to match the sidewalk. This too has seen no resolve or compensation. Finally, they came and finished the sidewalk, pulled the spikes, and took out the sidewalk form. It took persistent phone calls to get it finished. The concrete worker also just threw the garbage in my yard instead of taking it with him. 11/4/2021 they left a message saying they’d be back in the spring to add additional dirt and fill the holes around the concrete. I contacted them on April 1, 2022. I’ll update if this gets resolved. Called to do a follow-up on the dirt/yard issue that was to be resolved from last fall again on May 6. I was told I would get a call back from that department on Monday May 8. I have still not gotten a return call. Wait til you see what I found when I was cleaning out around the new concrete so it would be cleared if they ever follow-up and fill it in with dirt. Picture to follow.Read More...

Michael Winter
Michael Winter 5.0
Charlotte Szabo
Charlotte Szabo 5.0

Sean was GREAT! He was super helpful in making sure not just that the issue was taken care of but that other issues that I didn't know of were as well.

Ruth C
Ruth C 5.0
Ryan Garbes
Ryan Garbes 5.0

Friendly and helpful technician, replaced our broken pipe quickly

Kathy Torell
Kathy Torell 5.0

Dan Little was very polite and was able to answer the questions I asked and give me a couple options that I could take to solve my problem.

Benjamin Roberts
Benjamin Roberts 5.0

Tony and Hero we're amazing. Great informational and not salesy at all. Great value and I felt supported. Update- Randy and Alex did my service (install) and I echo my previous comments. They respected my home and were personable. Very professional and ...even cleaned up after themselves. I'm sold on HeroRead More...

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