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Kevin McGill
Kevin McGill 5.0
Geoff Hoss
Geoff Hoss 5.0

I had an excellent experience with service from Brian at Hero. He was extremely knowledgeable and did a good job walking us through the issue and what our options were. Great service and a great attitude.

Kelly O'Connor
Kelly O'Connor 5.0

Just had the annual AC maintenance. I had really good experiences so far with Hero and this was the same. I did not feel oversold on sales pitch. I did put in the part for easier starting, but was not pushed like I have been with other companies. ...Hero employees have been honest each time and as long as they hire and promote integrity I will be a loyal customer. Thank you, Kelly O.Read More...

mark maciejewski
mark maciejewski 5.0

Service was immediate, I was informed of the service, price and various options. I'm more knowledgeable about what my sewer line repair options are, which was helpful.

Joe Zeigler
Joe Zeigler 5.0
Judy Deschneau
Judy Deschneau 5.0

Steffon arrived on time and saw the issue and quickly took care of my problem.

Matt Miller
Matt Miller 5.0
Mary Swerdfiger
Mary Swerdfiger 5.0
David Longren
David Longren 5.0
Casey Houston
Casey Houston 5.0

Had a frozen pipe to the hose bibb and a leaky shutoff. Before starting I asked about replacing an old gigantic laundry tub. James gave a firm quote for the whole project, called in a helper, and got it all done in a few hours. Will definitely call ...back when something else comes up. UPDATE: Something else came up...main basement floor drain backed up. Brian came out and pressure jetted it clean in about an hour. On-time, courteous, and fair price!Read More...

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