The Hero Guarantee

The Hero Promise: Your Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

On-Time Service GUARANTEED:

Your time is valuable and we respect it. We will arrive at your home when we promise. If for any reason we don’t we will credit $100 toward the repair.



You will know the exact price before any work begins. Once the work begins, the price quoted for the work being done is the price you pay even if the job requires more work than originally estimated.


Fixed Right The First Time GUARANTEED:

At HERO, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our work and double-check everything, so you can be assured your installation will be right the first time.



We treat your home with respect and will leave your home as clean or cleaner than when we found it. We wear shoe covers, use work mats, and thoroughly clean the work areas we are in.


Experts You Can Trust GUARANTEED:

Our in-house training facility & full-time trainers ensure you’ll get an expert in your home every time. Everyone is Background Checked and Drug Tested so there is no funny business.

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Donna Swider
Donna Swider 5.0

Purchase and water softner

Michael Karadza
Michael Karadza 5.0
michael meyer
michael meyer 4.0

A gas leak was detected in one of my gas lines and John promptly fixed it. It is something that had to be done immediately.

Lidfors Bob
Lidfors Bob 5.0
Greg Harchysen
Greg Harchysen 5.0

Great friendly service, explained what I needed and were very quick to respond.👍

Terry Sorensen
Terry Sorensen 5.0
Ozzy Desa
Ozzy Desa 1.0

HERO bought out our previous HVAC company. First, they installed a new HVAC system and they switched out our filters from standard to electrostatic from a specific company that is not easily available so now we have buy filters from HERO only for ...premium. Second, they jammed the new filters into the regular filter slots so hard that I couldnt get them out for replacement; lucky we had a free tune up so I came home from work and asked them to adjust the fitting. Then one evening during the last polar vortex, I was changing out the filters and the whole unit shuts down. I figured it was something simple so I looked at the main control panel and the fuses didnt trip, I looked inside the furnace for a fuse and couldnt find one, so I called them up and they have a person who knows nothing about HVAC systems answer the phone and only a technician can come over and advise. $190 for the technician to come over and another 100+ to show me a fuse that did blow; the fuse is on a PCB under some wires - which is why I couldnt find it. Then the technician proceeds to tell me to turn off the power before replacing electrostatic filters; if there is such a risk, I would think they should inform a home owner during installation or better yet put a warning label on the filter covers. They didnt fail to put up a big sign with their phone number.Read More...

Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller 5.0

I found a hero in Steve at Hero Plumbing! I needed help from a backed up sewer line ASAP. I called around and was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t find somebody to come out immediately. Tiffany at the front desk helped me work with scheduling and ...find someone to help me. Steve was professional and honest about what the problems could be and fortunately it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The price is competitive, although not cheap, but worth it. They have the right equipment and the right attitude. I highly recommend Hero!Read More...

sue smenier
sue smenier 5.0

Called Hero Plumbing after coming home to three inches of water in my basement. Brian from Hero Plumbing came out and was helpful and professional! He was very knowledgeable and corrected the problem.I will definitely call Hero again and request Brian ...for future service!!Read More...

Ben Ramirez
Ben Ramirez 5.0

Great service and price!....will call Hero again for future plumbing issues.

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