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Twin Cities Thermostat Services

Customize Your Home’s Heating Controls

Even a brand-new heating system won't work properly if the thermostat is not reliable. When conducting your home heating service, we make sure you have a reliable thermostat—both in terms of product quality and installation.

Our home service heroes have served local families for more than 100 years; we look forward to providing you with the dependable Minneapolis thermostat services you need! We are a family-owned and operated team dedicated to personalized care. Our heating heroes are here to help!

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Thermostat Troubleshooting

There are many things that can cause a thermostat to malfunction. When our technicians come out for a heating inspection, we will examine various elements of your thermostat to identify any issues. In nearly every case, thermostat services in Minneapolis should be left to professionals. Often, these devices are connected to electrical systems, which is why repairs should be left to trained and experienced experts.

If your thermostat has begun to cause you problems, some easy common fixes include:

  • Rewiring the connections to ensure nothing has come loose in the wall
  • Installing new batteries if your thermostat is battery operated
  • Changing location; you'll never get a proper reading if the thermostat is exposed to too much environmental heat
  • Levelling the thermostat
  • Upgrading old thermostats

Offering Twin Cities Thermostat Repairs

Though the thermostat seems like a small unit, your entire heating system depends on it. The reading provided by your thermostat tells your heater when it needs to turn on and when it's time to switch off. If your thermostat is in the direct sunlight, chances are it is reading higher temperatures than the temperature inside your home. Moving the thermostat may help solve your problem.

You might need the whole thermostat replaced if it is an older piece of equipment or if it is faulty. We like to help our customers save on heating costs by repairing before replacing, so if your thermostat can be repaired, we will always move first for that option. If you’d like to learn more about our Minneapolis thermostat repair services, get in touch with our team today!

We are here to help you achieve comfort in your home; call us at (612) 324-1004 to schedule your service today!

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