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At HERO, We Believe in Giving Back

Giving back allows us to step out of the daily grind of survival mode and realize the abundant gifts we have in this world. Whether that is a warm home and hot food, or a loving family, we are all very blessed. Giving to others creates a feeling of gratefulness and appreciation for what we have inside of us. Giving to others allows us to see our impact in this world. Knowing that in our hearts we impacted something important to us....Something Meaningful....Gives our lives meaning

We regularly show our support for Twin Cities, St. Paul, and cities throughout the Twin Cities region by volunteering our time, resources, and money to worthy causes.

  • It begins by taking great care of our employeesWe believe t hat in order for our employees to take care of our customers, they first must feel like they have been great care of. That's why we offer great pay, top-notch healthcare, retirement and life insurance. It's equally important that we make sure they have free time to enjoy their family and life outside of work.

The Uptown Team

  • We make a difference locallyWhether it's serving meals at a local homeless shelter, being the leading supporter of South Minneapolis farmer's markets, creating four community centers that are free to use for anyone or donating furnaces and hot water heaters to families in need. We're committed to the long term health of the Twin Cities and we love taking care of our neighbors.

    The Community's Gathering Space
  • We make a difference in the world at large Flagship Sponsor of World Encounter

World Encounter helps women in Tanzania start sustainable businesses that support their families & communities. These entrepreneuring women inspire other women and create a ripple effect that extends to other families throughout their village.

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